A Calf Born In Winter

A Calf Born In Winter


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  • Released 2023

    Khruangbin is a three-piece band from Texas, formed of Laura Lee on Bass, Mark Speer on Guitar, and Donald Johnson on Drums. Mark and DJ's roots are in R&B, Hip Hop, and Gospel having played within the same gospel band for years. Both professional musicians, Mark began teaching Laura how to play bass in the summer of 2009. As such, Laura quickly developed a huge passion for the instrument and the aesthetic it brought to music she loved. Having worked studiously on developing her skills, both Mark and Laura were invited to tour with Ninja Tune's, YPPAH, supporting Bonobo across his 2010 American tour.

    The tour galvanised the two of them to start making music together more seriously, sowing the first seeds of Khruangbin. Taking influence from 1960's Thai funk - Khruangbin literally translates to "Engine Fly" in Thai - the two took a trip to a barn deep in the Texas countryside and jammed for the entire weekend, developing a sound which was steeped the bass heavy, psychedelic sound of their inspiration. Khruangbin was formed, with D.J. the natural go to for drums. Having kept in touch with Bonobo following that earlier 2010 tour, Bonobo decided to include Khruangbin's 'A Calf Born In Winter' on his recent 'Late Night Tales' compilation. In addition to increasing the already considerable Stateside following the band has built, the release has helped Khruangbin in topping both the US & UK 'Last FM' fastest growing artists whilst 'A Calf Born In Winter' continues to be one of the most popular downloads/streams on the compilation.


    1. Khruangbin - A Calf Born In Winter
    2. Khruangbin - The Recital That Never Happened
  • Released 2023