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  • It starts on a wintry afternoon in 2013 somewhere in Hackney. The music was slow, electronic, gloopy and groovy. The Late Night Tales crew liked it so much they suggested it might make a good compilation. So we all went away and wrote down some notes, waded into the vinyl cave, dug out some tunes, both obscure and old and fresh and new, and After Dark was born. So here’s what it’s about. It’s not main room, hands-in-the-air like no-one cares nonsense. It’s music for backrooms, basements, sweaty bars and illegal warehouses. It’s slower than your average mix, but always with the dancefloor in mind. It’s new, it’s old, it’s esoteric, it’s pop, it’s do-re-mi and don’t spare the horses. Mainly, though, the music’s got to be good – or even great – before it makes the cut.We’ve stuck everything from Yorkshire comedienne Marti Caine’s disco bomb ‘Love The Way You Love Me’ to Hubbabubbaklubb’s frankly Norwegian ‘Mopedbart’, as well as a slew of brilliant, previously unreleased gems from Emperor Machine, Twin Sister, The Grid & Robert Fripp and Lindstrøm’s killer remix of Charli XVX’s ‘You (Ha Ha)’.

    Vinyl bundle includes

    After Dark (4 track ep) 12"
    After Dark Nightshift - double LP & download
    After Dark Nocturne - double LP & download
    After Dark Vespertine - double LP & download

    CD Bundle includes

    After Dark
    After Dark Nightshift
    After Dark Nocturne
    After Dark Vespertine