Cinematic Orchestra 2013 Collectors Edition

As Late Night Tales moves into a new decade, the long awaited chapter from The Cinematic Orchestra greets us with style. Following editions from behemoths of rock Arctic Monkeys and Snow Patrol, The Cinematic Orchestra’s selection sees a return to a more typical Late Night compiler. Their association with the series reaches back to the inclusion of ‘Channel 1 Suite’ from their debut album ‘Motion’ on Zero7’s memorable 2002 compilation. With track selection and order seeing many revisions since the inception of the project, we arrive with one of the most defined Late Night Tales yet to come in the series 10 year history.

what the press are saying:

"The Rolls Royce of Compilations just got better” GQ Magazine
"Faultless" Guardian Guide
"A Masterpiece" 5/5 Mixmag
"It doesn't come much better than this" 5/5 Update

For a taster of the album, check out this video on YouTube

The "Wav Deluxe" format contains not only the mix in full 44.1khz with track id points, but also each individual track in full unmixed and uncompressed quality.

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One magical album

So, by no fault of there own, i have been eagly awaiting the newest of the late night tales collection, cinematic orchestra, to add to my almost complete collection. and what a treat is was seeing it on the shelves, an almost instant purchase. a bigger treat was waiting for my ears once i have settled in for the night (the only way to listen to these albums). Wow is all i need to say, especially the DJfood and burt backarack. Need i say more. actually one more word......magical

by Rowley Cubitt. Rated: 5

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